Do You Really Believe in Your Marriage?

believe marriage

Every successful person has at least one thing in common: they believe in themselves. You won’t find a successful person who doesn’t believe in his/her life, purpose or work. They possess this innate burning confidence that can’t be quenched. Inevitably, the belief in his/herself makes that person virtually unstoppable. Belief is powerful. Think about the people who don’t believe in themselves — the people who lack confidence. Do they ever get anywhere? As soon as they take a step forward, they hesitate, turn around and take 5 steps backwards. They struggle to move forward because the belief isn’t there. The same applies to your marriage. Do you and your spouse really believe in your marriage? When obstacles… Continue Reading

Why Most Abusive Men Treat Their Wives Horribly

I always used to wonder how someone claiming to be a “man” could ever abuse his wife. How could he treat her so horribly and so rashly without any hint of remorse? I could never wrap my head around that. It puzzled me so much that it would irritate me more and more every time I saw a “man” abuse his wife. Notice I keep putting quotations around “man.” I don’t care how masculine any “man” is — if he abuses his wife, he’s not worthy of such an honorable title. I’m just being real. So back to my rant. When I say abuse, I’m talking all forms of abuse. Physical. Mental. Emotional. If it has anything… Continue Reading

Give Her Something to Look Forward To

Fellas, let’s face it. Marriage has a huge potential to be boring. It doesn’t matter how much you love your wife. You probably love her to the moon and back; but you two could still be bored with the marriage. Do you know what makes marriage so dull? When there’s nothing to look forward to. Think about it. When you have absolutely nothing to look forward to in your marriage, how in the world can you find fun, excitement or real happiness? You can’t. Last night after my wife and I were home from work, we had a long conversation. We talked about a different array of things. The highlight of the conversation was us joking about stuff that happened to… Continue Reading