Is This Why You Make Bad Mistakes?

bad mistakes

Marriage would be perfect if both husband and wife could refrain from mistakes. But that’s not the case. We’re all humans and we all make bad mistakes. Good news is — despite our imperfections, we can still work towards making less of them. How? It’s all about your sub-conscious and what you feed it with. Your sub-conscious takes in whatever you allow yourself to be around, see or read. The very things that you open yourself up to are the very things that influence and shape your behavior/decision making. If you associate yourself with negative TV shows, corrupt people and distasteful literature, your sub-conscious absorbs that. In turn, you begin to act like the negativity you’ve… Continue Reading

Ladies: Stop Hesitating! You SHOULD Have High Standards

Yup. I said it. Any and every woman that knows her true self-worth should have high standards. It’s not fair for you to settle, now is it? Married women: set your high standards and have a conversation with your husband about those standards. As a loving husband, he should be willing to meet those standards as long as they’re not unreasonable. What’s the difference between high standards and unreasonable standards? High: be financially stable Unreasonable: become the richest man in the world High: expecting him to serve you (give you massages, cook for you here and there, etc) Unreasonable: expecting him to serve you, while you have no intention to serve him I’m pretty sure… Continue Reading

Dear Women: Please Realize Your Self-Worth


I used to think that the saddest thing in a broken relationship was a man who couldn’t see his woman’s worth. But now my thinking has changed. Don’t get me wrong. A man who fails to realize or acknowledge his woman’s worth is pitiful. It’s absolutely saddening. But there’s something worse.  It dawned on my wife and I one night. We were talking about why women settle for a man that treats her like trash. How is it that she still desires to be with him? Why doesn’t she demand a change in his actions? Why does she allow the pain he’s caused to continually persist in her life? It doesn’t make sense, does it? Yet, many… Continue Reading

4 Solid Reasons You Should Stop Lying to Your Wife


Let’s be real for a second. Lying is easy. It’s convenient, requires no effort and conceals harsh realities. That’s why you do it. Right, fellas? You’ve all probably lied to your wife in one form or another. You’d probably be lying if you deny that. Right? The biggest reason lying is “convenient” in marriage is because it prevents you from “getting in trouble” with your wife. It prevents arguments, fights and saves you from getting dumped like a high school kid. After all, what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Right? Wrong. Hiding behind lies is shallow. It’s really not convenient in the long run and it can destroy your marriage faster than you can say, “I’m… Continue Reading