How to Be HIM Again (The Man of Her Dreams)

man of her dreams

I recently wrote about husbands inevitably drifting away from being the man his wife once fell in love with. Fellas — if you want to be the man of her dreams again, I can help you get there. If not, then God bless your wife’s poor heart. I thought up a simple way for every husband to win his wife’s happiness again. Back when Tia and I were dating, we decided to do something interesting. We each took a notebook and wrote down every quality that we adored about each other. I had a full list of traits that attracted me to her — and she had the same for me. The lists were an… Continue Reading

When You’ve Stopped Being the Man Your Wife Once Loved


Husbands, If you’re not careful, it’s easy to lose the essence of who you were when you first laid eyes on your wife. It’s true. I wish it weren’t that easy, but it is. When you were in the dating stage, you had something to prove. You had to prove to her that you were worth her forever. You had to present the best “you” to her. You had this drive in you that desired to hear her say, “I do.” So you stopped at nothing to show her you were the best man for her. There was no other man that could fulfill her needs and desires like you. So you set out on… Continue Reading

Do You Really Believe in Your Marriage?

believe marriage

Every successful person has at least one thing in common: they believe in themselves. You won’t find a successful person who doesn’t believe in his/her life, purpose or work. They possess this innate burning confidence that can’t be quenched. Inevitably, the belief in his/herself makes that person virtually unstoppable. Belief is powerful. Think about the people who don’t believe in themselves — the people who lack confidence. Do they ever get anywhere? As soon as they take a step forward, they hesitate, turn around and take 5 steps backwards. They struggle to move forward because the belief isn’t there. The same applies to your marriage. Do you and your spouse really believe in your marriage? When obstacles… Continue Reading

Who Told You Good Looks Don’t Matter???

good looks

I don’t care what anyone has told you. Looks DO matter. Yeah, I know you’ve heard the old cliché saying: “It doesn’t matter what’s on the outside. All that matters is what’s on the inside.” I disagree. The saying should go: “The outside definitely matters. But the inside matters much more.” I would have to question the honesty of anyone who says looks don’t matter. Think about the significance of looks. Many times a man is first attracted to a woman because of her looks (and vice versa). Her looks draws him and her personality keeps him. That’s why I said the outside matters but the inside matters more. Look at your own relationship. Didn’t… Continue Reading