How to Be HIM Again (The Man of Her Dreams)

man of her dreams

I recently wrote about husbands inevitably drifting away from being the man his wife once fell in love with. Fellas — if you want to be the man of her dreams again, I can help you get there. If not, then God bless your wife’s poor heart.

I thought up a simple way for every husband to win his wife’s happiness again. Back when Tia and I were dating, we decided to do something interesting. We each took a notebook and wrote down every quality that we adored about each other. I had a full list of traits that attracted me to her — and she had the same for me.

The lists were an eye-opener. Especially for me. Her list told me how incredible she thought I was and why.

Man of God.

These are just some of the qualities my wife loved about me. These are what attracted her to me. The list literally depicted the man of her dreams. Me. So if those same qualities remained in me, I would always remain qualified as this incredible man to her. But the moment I let some or all of these qualities go, was the moment that I became a complete stranger. Every day I have a choice: I can be the man of her dreams or I can be a stranger.

Fellas, when your wife met you, she may not have written down a list of qualities she loved about you. But she did internalize that list. Are you still the man she fell in love with? Or are you a stranger?

If you want to be the man of her dreams again, ask her for the “list.” Ask her to write down the qualities that initially attracted her to you.

What made her smile? What made her laugh? What gave her butterflies? What about you made her feel secure in you? What makes her melt on the inside? What gives her confidence in you? What makes her look at you and proudly say, “That’s MY man!”

Ask her to write down and give you this list. Once you have it, evaluate yourself. You may still be doing some thing on her list. Great. Other things you’ve probably wandered away from. Become the man on that list. The whole list. You’ve obviously been that man before. So you have no excuse as to why you can’t be that man now. That’s the man she fell in love with. That’s the man she wants you to be. That’s the man of her dreams.

Be that man.

– Micheal

When You’ve Stopped Being the Man Your Wife Once Loved



If you’re not careful, it’s easy to lose the essence of who you were when you first laid eyes on your wife. It’s true. I wish it weren’t that easy, but it is. When you were in the dating stage, you had something to prove. You had to prove to her that you were worth her forever. You had to present the best “you” to her. You had this drive in you that desired to hear her say, “I do.” So you stopped at nothing to show her you were the best man for her. There was no other man that could fulfill her needs and desires like you. So you set out on a journey. A journey to hear her beautiful voice sing, “I do,” to you; the man of her dreams.

So you treated her well. You opened doors for her. You pulled out her chairs. You complimented how beautiful she was every chance you got. You were spontaneous. You were full of romantic ideas to keep the love alive between you two. You constantly thought about her. You couldn’t stop talking about her to your friends. You talked so highly of her. You couldn’t imagine disrespecting or belittling her. Hurting her feelings was far beyond you. You treated her like a queen. You had her in love with you.


She was convinced that you were the one. The only one for her. She’d have it no other way. Neither would you. You asked for her hand in marriage. She said yes. A feeling of relief came over you. She said yes.

Time danced along until the day you looked her in the eyes and said, “I do.” She gazed back at you. “I do,” she said. You’d done it. You got the woman you deeply adored to commit to you — and only you. The two of you couldn’t be any happier.

Then things began to gradually change.

You stopped holding doors open for her. She began pulling out her own chairs. You somehow lost your ability to be spontaneous. Her ears stopped hearing you say, “you’re beautiful.” You ceased to treat her like a queen. You began treating like a roommate at best. You’d totally lost the drive to make her feel like the only one. She felt lonely. Hurt. Confused. What happened to the man she thought she married?

What happened?

The answer is simple. You had a goal: that was to marry her. Once you achieved that goal, you lost the essence of who you once were to her. Subconsciously you felt like you had nothing more to prove. She was already yours. What more was there to prove? What more was there to do?

So now your wife suffers because she’s stuck with a man that had only one goal. A selfish goal, if you think about it. Once you achieved the goal of marriage, you threw her by the wayside. Sure, you didn’t do it on purpose. It probably wasn’t intentional — but you still did it; and that’s not fair.

It’s time to give your wife what she deserves. The essence of who you were is calling you back. She’s calling you back too. You just had your ears closed this whole time. Be the man that she fell in love with. Be the man that she knew when you two married. Make her feel like the only one again. Make her feel beautiful. Revive the romance. Awaken the gentleman in you. Now you have a new goal: to love, cherish, honor and respect her forever. You owe it to her. You vowed it to her. Be a real man and make her feel like she’s your admirable woman again.

Go. Love her.

– Micheal

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Do You Really Believe in Your Marriage?

believe marriage

Every successful person has at least one thing in common: they believe in themselves. You won’t find a successful person who doesn’t believe in his/her life, purpose or work. They possess this innate burning confidence that can’t be quenched. Inevitably, the belief in his/herself makes that person virtually unstoppable.

Belief is powerful.

Think about the people who don’t believe in themselves — the people who lack confidence. Do they ever get anywhere? As soon as they take a step forward, they hesitate, turn around and take 5 steps backwards. They struggle to move forward because the belief isn’t there.

The same applies to your marriage.

Do you and your spouse really believe in your marriage? When obstacles arise, what are your attitudes towards them? Do you take each others hand and push past those obstacles? Or are you immediately prepared to throw in the towel? Are you optimistic about your marriage? Or do you allow doubt to flood your mind?

Just like successful people, successful marriages are determined by how much you and your spouse believe in it.

So, do you really believe in your marriage?

Who Told You Good Looks Don’t Matter???

good looks

I don’t care what anyone has told you. Looks DO matter. Yeah, I know you’ve heard the old cliché saying:

“It doesn’t matter what’s on the outside. All that matters is what’s on the inside.”

I disagree. The saying should go:

“The outside definitely matters. But the inside matters much more.”

I would have to question the honesty of anyone who says looks don’t matter. Think about the significance of looks. Many times a man is first attracted to a woman because of her looks (and vice versa). Her looks draws him and her personality keeps him. That’s why I said the outside matters but the inside matters more.

Look at your own relationship. Didn’t looks play a huge role in attracting you to your spouse? Fellas, on wedding day, you looked at your wife-to-be and thought, wow she’s beautiful, and ladies you saw your soon-to-be husband thought, woah, he’s so handsome.

Looks are important. Very important. That’s why it’s essential to keep up with your appearance even after you’re married! When you were dating, you probably wouldn’t be caught dead not looking your best — especially on date nights. Why would that change now? Ladies and gentlemen, don’t let yourselves go!

Fellas, if she desires you to have a nice physique, then hit the gym! Shoot, I’m definitely in the gym 5 days a week. I’m not about to have my wife look at me and think I’m not physically attractive anymore. Ladies, same for you. Don’t just walk around looking any ol’ kind of way. You know what he finds physically attractive about you. Keep that physical attractiveness there for him.

Looks DO matter. Obviously what’s on the inside (personality, mentality, heart, etc) are far more important. Obviously looks alone is nowhere near enough to sustain a relationship. But please don’t downplay or reduce the significance of good looks. Your spouse deserves for your inner being and outer being to look good!

What do you think? Do looks matter?